History Flashcards

US History 3.04

A factory worker who purposely assembled a machine gun the wrong way could be convicted of violating which of the following? Espionage Act
The Selective Service was designed to institute a draft to increase the number of men in the military
How did the government try to silence opposition to American involvement in World War I? by passing the Espionage and Sedition Acts
A newspaper editor who wrote a column stating it was immoral for the United States to be involved in a war could be convicted of violating which of the following? Sedition Act
Which statement describes how the passage of the Selective Service Act affected World War I? It improved the ability of the United States to provide military support to the Allies.
Which of the following government agencies would complete the chart? ( Cause: Desire to turn U.S. citizens against Germany) Committee of Public Information
The War Industries Board was designed to set quotes on production and reduce waste
For which of the following were “Four-Minute Men” responsible? speaking in public places to urge Americans to support the war

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