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U.S. History Chapter 3

What caused the deaths of most of the native population of Hispaniola in the early 1500s? an epidemic of smallpox
Which explorer initiated the Spanish charting of the Southeastern region? Ponce de León
Why did King Louis XIV first send French explorers to the Great Lakes region? to find a direct route to China
Which European explorer’s travels laid to rest the idea that a northwest passage to Asia existed? James Cook
Which North American region was the last to be explored by Europeans? Alaska
What was the first European colony established in North America? St. Augustine
Where were the first Europeans to establish a colony in North America from? Spain
The first permanent colony established by Europeans in North America was in what modern-day state? Florida
What was the main reason why the Spanish settlers established a colony in New Mexico rather than remaining in Florida? Most of the native people of Florida died of disease brought by settlers
What was the principal cause of the Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico? The Spanish had attempted to keep the Pueblos from practicing their native religion
How did the Spanish colonists react to the Pueblo Revolt in New Mexico? by ceasing to demand labor and goods from the Pueblos for tribute
How did the French settlers approach colonization in the New World differently from the Spanish? They sought to make alliances with the native peoples instead of subjugating them
In 1626, Peter Minuit became the director of the first Dutch colony in the Americas, which was located in which modern-day location? Cape Cod
Which of the following best describes most of the first English settlers to arrive at the colony of Jamestown? peasants who had been forced off their farms and sought work
What was the primary cause for the population growth in the American colonies in the early 1700s? immigration to the America’s from Europe
Aside from the British settlers, of what nationality were the largest number of European settlers to immigrate to the American colonies in the 1700s? German
What was the first conflict in the Americas that the colonists fought without the aid of colonial powers King Philip’s War

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