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31 Art History: Modern Art in Context

When looking at modern art, what should the viewer understand? c. Modern art reflects changes following World War I.
What is the name of the piece above? b. Guernica
How did art change in Russia after World War I? Not D
After living through World War I and witnessing the effects of war on society and its people, artists _____________________. b. had a new sense of reality
What scientific innovation occurred that affected the art that was produced during this period? a. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
Which of the following played an important role in the shaping of modern art? d. all of the above (new science, psychology, World War I)
Who is the artist of the piece above? c. Marcel Duchamp
Who popularized psychology and the idea of the human subconscious? b. Sigmund Freud
Who is the artist of the image above? c. M.C. Escher
Which of the following post war events most influenced artists? c. both A and B(psychology, new science)
How were the new time and space theories demonstrated in art? c. a tremendous amount of movement
What was Marcel Duchamp’s intention for the piece seen above? c. to change the meaning of a common household item
What controversy surrounded some of the modern art that was produced? b. Critics did not consider it art because of its non-traditional subject matter.
What is depicted in the image above? a. a Spanish town in disarray after a violent bombing
What is depicted in the artwork by Duchamp pictured above? b. an iron with nails attached to it
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History 121 Ch. 9

The German Triangle in the mid 19th century reffered to: Cincinnati, st. Louis, and milwuakee.
The cult of domesticity: Led to a decline in birth rates.
The American railroad industry in the first half of the 19th century: Stimulated the coal mining industry.
The women who protested during the shoemakers strike in the Lynn compared their condition to that of: Slaves.
In Gibbon v. Ogden, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that: New York could not grant a monopoly on steamboat navigation between New York and New Jersey.
The American system of manufacturers: Owed a great deal to Eli Terry’s development of interchangeable parts in clockmaking.
Which statement about the western settlements is false? The government discouraged western settlement at every turn.
The catalyst for the market revolution was a series of innovations in: Transportation and communication.
Which of the following statements related to the second great awakening is false: The second great awakening popularized deism.
Which of the following is not a way that the market revolution changed western farming: Farmers in the old northwest used slave labor to expand their production.
What encouraged the building of factories in coastal towns such as New Bedford and even large inland cities such as Chicago by the 1840’s? Steam power meant factories no longer had to be near water falls and rapids to generate the power.
What was the significance of Robert Fulton? His work in designing steamboats made upstream commerce possible.
What came to be redefined as a personal moral quality associated more and more closely with women? Virtue.
During the first half of the 19th century, individualism: Was rooted in the idea of self sufficiency.
How did the market revolution change the way Americans conceived of time? Clocks increasingly regulated the separation of work and leisure time.
Which of the following was not a way in which westward movement affected the south? The south had to develop a highly effective railroad system to transport goods from west to east.
Which statement about corporations is false? The corporation was not a vital component in the new market economy.
The majority of the nearly 4 million immigrants that entered the U.S. Between 1840 and 1860 were from: Germany and Ireland.
The transcendentalist movement: Emphasized individual judgement, not tradition.
The first industry to be shaped by the large factory system: Textiles.
Which of the following is not an example of the significance of Eli Whitneys cotton gin? The completion of the Erie Canal allow s the transportation of thousands of pounds of cotton per day.
Which of the following helped to increase the visibility and power of the Catholic Church in America in the mid 19th century? The number ofnirish Catholic immigrants grew dramatically.
The role of white middle class woman in antebellum America was primarily to: Focus her energies on the home and children.
Which denomination enjoyed the largest membership in the U.S. By the 1840’s? Methodist.
Which of the following was responsible for the first large scale American factory, which was built in Massachusetts? The cut off of British imports because of the embargo of 1807 and the war of 1812.
What was the most important export from the U.S. By the mid 19th century? Cotton.
Most of the states that joined the union in the six years immediately following the war of 1812 were located: West of the Appalachian mountains.
At the Lowell textile mills: The owners established lecture halls and churches.
Which of the following was not a factor in the nations acquisition of Florida from Spain? Spain’s loss of Haiti in a slave rebellion which rendered Florida imperially unimportant.
How did the market revolution affect the live of artisans? Gathered in factories they faced constant supervision and the breakdown of craftsmanship into specialized tasks.
Which improvement most dramatically increased the speed and lowered the expense of commerce in the first half of the 19th century? Canals and steam boats.
Americas first commercial railroad was the: Baltimore and Ohio.
According to John O’sullivan, the manifest destiny of the U.S. To occupy both America could be traced to: A divine mission.
The Erie Canal gave which city primacy over competing ports in accessing trade with the Northwest? New York.
Who believed that freedom was an open ended process of self realization by which individuals could remake themselves and their own lives? Ralph Waldo Emerson.
The Erie Canal: Was far longer than any other canal in the U.S. At that time.
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History of Rock & Roll Midterm

One reason rock and roll was able to attain quick and broad attention at the national level was because of: the corporate transition from radio to television
Regional boundaries in popular culture began to diminish in the 1920s as a result of: NBC radio broadcasting coast-to-coast with a national radio network
All of the following are true about Tin Pan Alley EXCEPT it: was a term that denoted a specific method of doing business in popular music
Most rhythm and blues performers learned to sing: in church
Songs released by Atlantic Records often: blended gospel, blues, and big band pop sounds
The intermingling of soldiers from all regions of the United States helped spread the popularity of: country and western
Ralph Peer made early recordings of which type of music? hillbilly music
Big band music emphasizes: the band
In the early 1950s, mainstream pop was produced primarily for: a family audience
The Stagger Lee myth refers to: a stereotype of sexually driven black men who view white women as conquests
Frank Sinatra began his musical career as a: singer in big bands
All of the following are examples of Chicago blues musicians EXCEPT: Robert Johnson
What did the Acuff-Rose publishing firm rely on for sales of its music? songs recorded and performed by country artists
Which country and western artist has been referred to as “pure country”? Hank Williams
Jimmie Rodgers’s performance style was noted for his trademark: yodel
In addition to lyrics, Bill Haley’s version of “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” changes the: rhythmic feel
The Grand Ole Opry broadcast from: WSM in Nashville
Memphis was an important music scene for blues due to the: migration of rural blacks to urban centers
All of the following were independent labels in the late 1940s and early 1950s EXCEPT: Mercury Records
Amos ‘n’ Andy is an example of: a popular comedy program broadcast on network radio
Western music is most often associated with the: open prairie and cowboys
Big Joe Turner’s “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” is an example of: hokum blues
The development of bluegrass can be primarily traced to: Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys
The role of the Tin Pan Alley publisher was to: pitch songs to artists who might consider performing them
The term “doo-wop” refers to: the nonsense syllables singers would use in song arrangements
The music of Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five is an example of: jump blues
Early in his career, Elvis was marketed as a: country and western artist
As a song, “Roll Over Beethoven” celebrates: teenagers listening to rhythm and blues
Which song was the first million-selling single for Sun Records? “Blue Suede Shoes”
Whom did ASCAP represent during the payola scandal? traditional pop song writers
What was the focus of the congressional hearings regarding the payola scandal?: the radio stations that played rock and roll
Little Richard’s aggressive piano playing and “wild man” image were a direct contrast to: Fats Domino
All the following were artists with Sun Records EXCEPT: Buddy Holly
Alan Freed began his career in: Cleveland
“That’ll Be The Day” was the first hit for: Buddy Holly
The success of crossover artists was significantly reduced by: the practice of covering rhythm and blues songs
The practice of payola involved: creating business friendships with disc jockeys by offering gifts
The Rock and Roll Party was: Alan Freed’s radio show in New York
Elvis is often thought of as a song stylist because he: did not write his own songs but chose which material he would record
As a result of the payola scandal, Alan Freed: was run out of the music business
Which 1950s movie featured Bill Haley’s “(We’re Gonna) Rock around the Clock”? Blackboard Jungle
Who started Sun Records in Memphis? Sam Phillips
Elvis Presley’s contract was bought by: RCA Records
A crossover song is: a song or record appearing on multiple music charts
Which Sun Records singer was dubbed the “female Elvis”? Janis Martin
Two high-profile individuals associated with the payola scandal were: Alan Freed & Dick Clark
Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran were particularly popular with: audiences in England
All of the following events affected the first wave of rock and roll EXCEPT: Pat Boone had his first rock-and-roll hit song
All of the following are examples of crossover artists EXCEPT: Big Joe Turner
The “whitening” of rhythm and blues was marked by: lyrics changed to dance references instead of sexual innuendos
The country and western chart was originally called: hillbilly
Bob Dylan was originally from: Minnesota
At the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, Bob Dylan: Performed with an electric backing band
Bob Dylan left the spotlight in 1966 after: a motorcycle accident
The Byrds were based in: Los Angeles
The Byrds wrote: SOME of their own music
“Positively 4th Street” is constructed in the following form: simple verse-chorus
The Beach Boys and the Byrds shared: Many of the same backing musicians
Tom and Jerry was an early name for: Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel
The guitar lick in the Byrds’ “Mr. Tambourine Man” was inspired by: J.S. Bach
Which of the following groups wrote folk rock songs? Barry McGuireMamas & PapasThe Turtles(ALL THE ABOVE)
The Crystals, the Righteous Brothers, and the Ronettes all had singles produced by: Phil Spector
Who replaced Brian Wilson in the Beach Boys’ touring band? Glen Campbell
The repeated figure in the bass of “California Girls” seems borrowed from: “Happy Trails”
Between 1964 and 1966, Brian Wilson: Began to become much more musically ambitious
Before creating the duo of Sonny and Cher, Sonny Bono: Worked closely with Phil Spector
Sonny and Cher were important for their: Fashion sense
An important Los Angeles artist to release a string of popular live albums during the 1960s was: Johnny Rivers
In 1966, the Lovin’ Spoonful was based in: New York
The Red Bird music label was used to release which of the following songs: “The Boy from New York City” “Chapel of Love””Leader of the Pack”(ALL OF THE ABOVE)
“Louie, Louie” was released by: Richard BerryThe Kingsmen Paul Revere and the Raiders(ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Cannibal and the Headhunters, the Count Five, and ? and the Mysterians are all examples of: Garage Bands
What is the most difficult thing to decipher in the KINGSMEN’S “Louie, Louie”? The Lyrics
The Monkees were created in the mold of: The Beatles
The feel of “Last Train to Clarksville” is that of a: Country two-step
The Monkees: In SOME cases performed their own music
Robert Johnson Rural Blues – Solo Singer – Acoustic Guitar – Influenced many future Rock & Roll artists – Master of Mississippi Delta Blues – 1930’s
Bing Crosby Film Actor – Many hit recordings – Hosted a variety show – Mainstream Pop
Judy Garland Vaudeville Actress – Singer – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (example of Tin Pan Alley songwriting form)
Les Paul Jazz, Country & Blues Guitarist – Pioneer of electric guitar (which made rock and roll sound possible) – Recorded with wife Mary Ford
Alan Freed DJ of The Moondog Show (rock oriented radio show in Cleveland) – Later created “The Rock and Roll Party” (a nationally controlled concert tour, films and television dance show)
Sam Phillips Producer and DJ – Founded Sun Records – Discovered Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis – Gave birth to rock and roll
Sun Records Independent rhythm and blues label in Memphis – Founded by Sam Phillips – Clients like Elvis, Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis
Jerry Leiber Songwriter of many rhythm and blues hits – “Hound Dog”
Dick Clark DJ – Later known host for TV show “American Bandstand”
Brill Building Place and Record Label – Influenced Beatles and Monkees – Teen Pop Music – Aldon Music – Artist was not at center of process, return to business standard before rock – Brill Building + country = Rockabilly Pop
Phil Spector Producer – Girl Group Pop – Worked under Leiber and Stroller – Signature “Wall of Sound” – American Pop
Mersey Music publication in Liverpool, England – Newspaper – Closely associated with The Beatles
Berry Gordy Songwriter and Later a Producer – Founded Motown Record Label – Promoted Black Artists
George Martin Producer – Beatles – Highly involved with music arrangement- Classical Training
Family Dog Group of friends who organized psychedelic dances
Bethel, NY Hosted Woodstock (the peak of the psychedelic era) – massive group represented power of counterculture
What two things have happened by 1959? 1.Major rock and roll starts gone. Chuck berry in jail, little richard became and minister, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and Big Bopper die in plane crash, Elvis in the army, Jerry Lee Lewis blacklisted for marrying his cousin 2. the payola scandal
First rock and roll hit/ chart topper Bill Haley’s “rock around the clock”
Rock and Roll added to 50’s culture 3 ways 1. it helped integration 2. it gave voice to teenage generation 3. By giving voice to teenagers, separates from parents (rebellion)
What two major record companies were the most important in signing emerging 50’s rock singers? sun recordschess records
what three styles took the place of rock and roll for teens? Clean RockSurf MusicFolk Music
What is Riff? A short, rhythmic pattern which is repeated.
Rhythm and Blues has 4 important characteristics 1. up-tempo rhythm 2. the blues influence 3.the electric guitar 4. the 4-voiced vocal group
rock/ rockabilly mostly r and b influenced rockrock with heavy country influence
The Coasters The group that integrated social issues (commentary) with comedy in their music.
Dick Dale Who was the king of surf guitar?
In Great Britain, what kind of music inspired thousands to play guitar? Skiffle
How did “The Greatest Hit Machine” effect Rock and Roll’s evolution? It established a musical foundation for Rock and Roll and the sound Motown is known for
Why are the Funk Brothers reffered to as “The Shadows of Motown”? Nameless musicians that recorded most of the Motown music
What was Berry Gordy’s first number one hit? “Please Mr. Postman”
What did Berry Gordy call the building where he had his studio? Hitsville USA
Who was Maxine Powell and what did she do? The charm school teacher who ran the Motown Finishing school
Which musician set the tone for black music in the 1960’s? Ray Charles
Why wasn’t the Velvet Underground accepted by the West Coast? Their music was too dark and “evil” for the happy lifestyles of California and the message they delivered was unwanted
Velvet Underground inspired which group and their leader? The Doors and Jim Morrison