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History 146 – T

When comparing English colonies to Spanish ones: England sent more people to the Americas in the 17th century.
Over the course of the eighteenth century in the colonial America, the: Rich became richer
When the Virginia house of burgess decreased that religious conversation did not release a slave from bondage: It meant that under the Virginia law, Christians can own other Christians.
How did John Locke reconcile his belief in natural rights and his support for slavery? He believed that the free individual …. was portraid white.
Which major event first led the British government to seek ways to make the colonies bear part of the cost of the empire? The seven years war
What contribution did the Stamp Act episode make to the colonists concept of liberty? The Stamp Act congress insisted that the right to consent
In the declaration of independence, Jefferson’s biggest influence with regard to natural rights come from? John Locke
What was the important legacy of the Declaration of Independence? Inspired future revolutions against despotite governments.
What does republicanism mean? Why was America a republic and not a democracy?
Which of the following people would have been most likely a supporter of the Articles of Confederation? An indebted farmer in Western Massachusetts
What significant issue did the Missouri Compromise aim to resolve? The extension of slavery
What triggered a panic in 1837?
Utopian communities were unlikely to attract much support because most Americans: Saw property ownership as key to economic independence, but nearly all the utopian communities insisted members give up their property.
Which of the following does NOT describe those who attended the Constitutional Convention? Most had earned their wealth after rising from humble origins
Which of the following is true of the constitution of 1787 and slavery? Although never using the word “slavery” the document protected several aspects of the institution.
When looking at today’s United States economically, whos visions and ideas have become the most realized ? Alexander Hamilton’s ideas on government subsides for business.
Which of the following contributed to the poor American performance in the War of 1812? The nation was deeply divided about whether to go to war.
Why did abolitionism’s focus move from a more gradual approach to calling for the immediate approach of ending slavery? Slavery was growing in the Deep South, so a different approach was needed.
In his speech about the Fourth of July, how did Frederick Douglass critique the founding of the United States. The Declaration of Independence was a good starting point for Principles of freedom
Why could William Lloyd Garrison be seen as a more radical abolitionist than Frederick Douglass? Garrison saw the Constitution as evil.
What was the purpose of the bloomer? It was the functional clothing that made work less restrictive.
Why was the extension of slavery significant politically? Both the North and the South wanted to control the Senate.
Why did slavery become more central to American Politics in the 1840s? Territorial expansion raised the question of whether new lands should be free or slave.
What was ironic about the Fugitive Slave Act? The South promoted states’ rights, but with this law agreed to strong federal action.
Monitor and Merrimac were: Ironclad ships
Lincoln’s vision during the Civil War

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