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history 1.4

The Triangle Shirtwaist fire: brought in its wake much-needed safety legislation.
The word “Progressivism” came into common use around 1910: as a way of describing a loosely defined political movement.
The Progressive movement drew its strength from: middle-class reformers.
During the Progressive era: commercial farming grew.
Newspaper & magazine writers who exposed the ills of industrial & urban life, fueling the Progressive movement, were known as: muckrakers
All of the following people were “muckrakers” EXCEPT: Samuel Gompers.
The writer whose work encouraged the passage of the Meat Inspection Act was: Upton Sinclair.
During the Progressive era: new immigration from southern and eastern Europe reached its peak
Progressive-era immigration was part of a larger process of worldwide migration set in motion by all of the following forces EXCEPT: the annexation of the Philippines.
Which was the Ellis Island of the West? Angel Island.
In the early twentieth century, Angel Island in San Francisco Bay became known as the “Ellis Island of the West” and served as the main entry point for immigrants from: China.
Asian and Mexican immigrants in the early twentieth century: clustered in the West as agricultural workers.
Birds of passage were: immigrants who planned on returning to their homeland.
Most new immigrants who arrived during the early years of the twentieth century: lived in close-knit communities.
Which institution became a pillar of stability for the immigrants as they settled into the communities in American cities? Church.
Vaudeville is a: form of live entertainment.
Nickelodeons: were motion-picture theaters with a five-cent admission charge.
During the Progressive era: growing numbers of native-born white women worked in offices.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman claimed that the road to woman’s freedom lay through: the workplace.
The term “Fordism”: describes an economic system based on mass production and mass consumption.
The new concepts of a “living wage” and the “American standard of living”: argued that all Americans should be wealthy
The program that sought to streamline production & boost profits by systematically controlling costs & work practices was called: scientific management.
Why did workers experience the introduction of scientific management as a loss of freedom? Skilled workers under scientific management had to obey very detailed instructions.
A worker who crossed a picket line during a strike was called a: scab.
Which person was a Supreme Court justice and a Progressive reformer who advocated for the labor movement? Eugene V. Debs
In the early twentieth century, the Socialist Party advocated for all of the following EXCEPT: free college education.
By 1912, the Socialist Party: had yet to elect a member to Congress.
Eugene V. Debs was: a Socialist candidate for president.
Which statement about the American Federation of Labor in the early twentieth century is FALSE? The AFL proposed an overthrow of the capitalist system.
The Industrial Workers of the World: advocated a workers’ revolution.
Which statement about the textile strike in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in 1912 is FALSE? The strikers asked the American Federation of Labor for assistance.
What brought about a new wave of sympathy for the plight of women in the garment industry in Lawrence, Massachusetts? The appearance of malnourished children evacuated from Lawrence shocked the public.
The Ludlow Massacre was a tragic confrontation between: Colorado mine workers and militia.
The battle for free speech among workers in the early twentieth century: was led by the Industrial Workers of the World.
Feminism: sought to attack the traditional roles of sexual behavior for women.
Margaret Sanger was a: birth-control advocate.
What Progressive-era issue became a crossroads where the paths of labor radicals, cultural modernists, & feminists intersected? Birth control.
Founder of the Society of American Indians, Carlos Montezuma: demanded that American Indians be left alone in order to be independent.
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Progressive reformers? Progressives pursued radical alternatives to capitalism.
All of the following statements about Urban Progressives are true EXCEPT they worked with political machines.
Progressive governor of Wisconsin, Robert La Follette, instituted all of the following reforms EXCEPT: promising lower taxes and less government interference.
All of the following measures expanded democracy during the Progressive era EXCEPT: literacy tests & residency requirements.
Electoral reform during the Progressive era: actually limited many Americans’ right to vote.
Jane Addams: advocated for the working poor.
All of the following statements about Jane Addams and Hull House are true EXCEPT: She believed that immigrant women primarily needed union protection.

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