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Chapter 3 US History

The intention of the Navigation Acts was to Allow england to minopilize american trade
By the end of the seventeenth century, Virginia could best be described as a plantation society, dominated by a slave holding aristocracy
The sources of the which craft hysteria in Salem Are not known exactly
Of the estimated 11 million African slaves carried to America, the great majority were sent to Brazil and the Caribbean
During the Salem witchcraft hysteria, Increase Mather and other leading Congregational ministers urged restraint and caution
By 1700, the population of New England had reached ____ people. 120,000
The eighteenth – century population of the lowlands of South Carolina was _____ percent black 60
During the colonial period, the bulk of the slaves sent to the North American colonies were supplied by the British
By the late 1600s, the gap between rich and poor in white Chesapeake society steadily widened
British authorities based their colonial commercial policies on the theory of Mercantilism
The most important reason for the difference between the New England and the Chesapeake colonies was the much higher mortality rate of the Chesapeake colony
Enumerated Goods could be sold only to the mother country
Which of the following was not a possible cause of the Salem which craft hysteria Salem’s history of engaging in occult practices
The greatest rebellion of native Americans in New England in 1675 was known as King Phillips war
The explanation for the tremendous population growth of seventeenth century New England can be found in the long lives of New England settlers
The hand way covenant of 17th century new England Lessened, somewhat the requirements for baptism as a Congregationalists
The central figure of the glorious revolution in New York was Jacob Leisler
The glorious revolution in Maryland was strongly influenced by Pent-up anti-proprietary and anti-Catholic sentiment
The navigation acts established the principle that certain American products could be sold only in England, only English or colonial merchants could engage in colonial trade All foreign goods that were sold in England had to be shipped in England
The character of the first settlements in the new world Differed substantially from colony to colony from the very beginning of colonization

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