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Ch. 23 US History

a postwar society driven by conflict In the political arena, reactionaries and rebels battled for control of:a.people who had been lied to about the warb.a postwar society driven by conflictc.the southern voted.the northern citiese.President Woodrow Wilson’s legacy
35 In 1920, what percentage of homes in America had electricity?a.60b.25c.35d.75e.50
slapstick comedy Charlie Chaplin is best associated with:a.politicsb.stand-up comedyc.muckraking journalismd.slapstick comedye.alternative comedy
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania The first radio station to begin broadcasting regularly scheduled programs was located in:a.Detroit, Michiganb.Pittsburg, Pennsylvaniac.New York, New Yorkd.Boston, Massachusettse.Cleveland, Ohio
World War I What event pushed the development of the airplane?a.the development of the carb.the defense industryc.advertising on the radiod.World War Ie.political pressure
Charles Lindbergh Who was once known as the “Lone Eagle”?a.W. E. B. Du Boisb.Woodrow Wilsonc.Henry Fordd.Marcus Garveye.Charles Lindbergh
8 million In 1920, how many cars were registered in the United States?a.4 millionb.10 millionc.6 milliond.11 millione.8 million
was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Amelia Earhart:a.was the first aviator to fly around the worldb.was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlanticc.was the first pilot to fly solo across the Atlanticd.was the first woman elected to Congresse.was an advocate of Prohibition
Yankee Stadium The “House That Ruth Built” is known as:a.Wrigley Fieldb.Tiger Stadiumc.Yankee Stadiumd.Ebbets Fielde.Red Sox Field
automobile industry Which one of the following is associated with Detroit, Michigan?a.airplane industryb.entertainment industryc.socialismd.automobile industrye.farming
Negro Leagues What were the professional baseball leagues for African Americans called?a.Negro Leaguesb.Minor Leaguesc.Black Leaguesd.Inner City Leaguese.African American Leagues
boxing William Harrison “Jack” Dempsey is best associated racing
football Harold Edward “Red” Grange is best associated with:a.being a great leaderb.baseballc.footballd.being a Communiste.boxing
Eigtheenth Which amendment to the Constitution is known as the Prohibition amendment?a.Seventeenthb.Twentiethc.Eighteenthd.Twenty-firste.Nineteenth
1920 The amendment to the Constitution that barred the manufacture or sale of intoxicating liquors went into effect in:a.1911b.1928c.1920d.1932e.1922
Warren G. Harding The desire to restore traditional values and social stability in 1920 led voters to elect as president:a.Woodrow Wilsonb.Warren G. Hardingc.Calvin Coolidged.William Jennings Bryane.Theodore Roosevelt
F. Scott Fitzgerald Who celebrated the jazz era’s spontaneity and sensual vitality?a.Sherwood Andersonb.Upton Sinclairc.Countee Cullend.F. Scott Fitzgeralde.James Weldon Johnson
F. Scott Fitzgerald The Roaring Twenties was dubbed the “Jazz Age” by:a.Upton Sinclairb.Louis Armstrongc.Ernest Hemingwayd.F. Scott Fitzgeralde.Langston Hughes
modernist student life at Princeton The novel This Side of Paradise concerned:a.immigrant life in New York Cityb.the lax enforcement of Prohibitionc.modernist student life at Princetond.fundamentalist attacks on modernisme.the beginnings of Miami’s tourist industry
opportunities for young men and women to experiment sexually with each other Petting parties were:a.opportunities for young men and women to experiment sexually with each otherb.opportunities for young men and women to learn about proper treatment of dogs and catsc.opportunities to raise money for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalsd.visits to the zoo so young people could get away from their parentse.parents’ chance to teach their children proper morals
Victorian values All of the following could be associated with flappers EXCEPT:a.bobbed hairb.swearingc.Victorian valuesd.pettinge.smoking and drinking
a degenerating society Conservative moralists saw the flappers as just another sign of:a.progressb.a degenerating societyc.equalityd.the work of the devile.women’s rights
were never allowed to marry After encountering strong resistance, Mabel Puffer and Arthur Hazzard:a.were married in New Hampshireb.were married in New Yorkc.were married in Canadad.were never allowed to marrye.were really not engaged to be married
was called the Great Migration The movement of southern blacks to the North:a.was called the Great Migrationb.created the rise of the KKKc.saw many African Americans return to Africad.was so large that southern agriculture was interruptede.meant industry could no longer hire whites
Aframerican James Weldon Johnson coined the term:a.bootleggerb.Negroc.progressivismd.Aframericane.flapper
Langston Hughes Who wrote “fed up With Jim Crow laws, / People who are cruel And afraid, / Who lynch and run, / Who are scared of me And me of them”?a.Claude McKayb.Langston Hughesc.Jean Toomerd.W. E. B. Du Boise.DuBose Heyward
Albert Einstein In physics, the theory of relativity was developed and explained by:a.Albert Einsteinb.Werner Heisenbergc.Isaac Newtond.Sir Francis Bacone.Max Planck
blended several musical traditions Jazz:a.was a European innovation emerging from modern classical musicb.blended several musical traditionsc.was invented by Benny Goodmand.helped calm the fears of rural fundamentalistse.inspired rebellious youth to violence
was led by Marcus Garvey The Universal Negro Improvement Association:a.sponsored black artists and writersb.was led by Marcus Garveyc.promoted Booker T. Washington’s idea of racial peace through accommodationd.was the forerunner of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)e.was conceived by W. E. B. Du Bois
said blacks should return to Africa Marcus Garvey:a.sought reconciliation with southern whitesb.said blacks should return to Africac.was a revered jazz saxophonistd.helped lead the suffragist movemente.was allied with W. E. B. Du Bois
He is “the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race….He is either a lunatic or a traitor” Which of the following did W.E.B. Du Bois say in his opposition to Marcus Garvey?a.”We have to rid ourselves of this viper.”b.”He will help only his friends and not the great mass of black people.”c.”He thinks that black people are only good enough to be plumbers.”d.”He believes himself to be the very second coming of Christ.”e.He is “the most dangerous enemy of the Negro race. . . . He is either a lunatic or a traitor.”
legal action against discrimination The NAACP action against discriminationb.the formation of a black political partyc.vocational and technical educationd.Garvey’s concept of social and political separation of blackse.strictly black membership
described the frenetic, hard-drinking lifestyle and the cult of robust masculinity that Hemingway himself epitomized The novels of Ernest Hemingway:a.portrayed utopian communities in a socialist societyb.attacked the corruption of machine politics in the large citiesc.traced the philosophical connections between twentieth-century America and eighteenth-century Britaind.described the frenetic, hard-drinking lifestyle and the cult of robust masculinity that Hemingway himself epitomizede.documented “the greatest, gaudiest spree in history”
government-funded programs The 1920s “New Era” was created by advances in all of the following organizationc.transportationd.the spread of mass consumerisme.government-funded programs
1927 Charles A. Lindbergh Jr., a St. Louis-based mail pilot, made the first solo transatlantic flight, traveling from New York to Paris in:a.1927b.1920c.1928d.1929e.1926
large crowds of spectators Baseball, like football, tended to attract:a.large crowds of spectatorsb.lower-class spectatorsc.women spectatorsd.immigrant spectators
Albert Einstein Who developed the theoretical basis for quantum physics?a.Albert Einsteinb.Werner Heisenbergc.Isaac Newtond.Sir Francis Bacone.Max Planck
Isaac Newton In physics, the theory that the fundamental concepts of space, time, matter, and energy are not distinct, independent things with stable dimensions was developed by:a.Albert Einsteinb.Max Planckc.Isaac Newtond.Sir Francis Bacone.Werner Heisenberg
the subconscious fascinated some people and scared other Modernists in art and literature came to believe that:a.nature’s reality can be captured in artb.human reason ruled all of and art had no, in the end, had rules that should be obeyede.the subconscious fascinated some people and scared others
experimentalist poet Gertrude Stein was a(n):a.disc jockeyb.freedom fighter in World War Ic.Dada artistd.member of Congresse.experimentalist poet
the rise of modernism in the arts The horrors of World War I accelerated:a.the need to rearmb.rebellion in the United Statesc.the formation of the United Nationsd.the rise of modernism in the artse.the birth of computers
was a controversial exhibition of modern art The Armory Show in 1913:a.was a controversial exhibition of modern artb.introduced many women to new clothing fashionsc.featured poetry readings by Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliotd.showed the continuing appeal of traditional valuese.led directly to woman suffrage
Edward Bellamy All of the following were prophets of modern art and literature EXCEPT:a.Ezra Poundb.T. S. Eliotc.Edward Bellamyd.Ernest Hemingwaye.Gertrude Stein
E.S. Eliot The Waste Land, a poem that became the favorite of many modernist readers because of its sense of disillusionment and its suggestion of a burned-out civilization, was written by:a.Franz Boasb.Gertrude Steinc.T. S. Eliotd.E. E. Cummingse.Ezra Pound
“real” life punctuated by the doomed, war-tainted love affairs of young Americans Ernest Hemingway wrote of:a.rational people dedicated to traditional valuesb.”real” life punctuated by the doomed, war-tainted love affairs of young Americansc.patriotic fervor among the American expatriate writers in Parisd.masculinity and a desperate search for lifee.hope and happiness in America’s heartland
painfully autobiographical Fitzgerald’s stories during the 1920s were:a.written for Hollywoodb.nonfictionc.painfully autobiographicald.about sciencee.not discovered until the 1960s
his first novel Hemingway used the phrase “lost generation” as the epigraph in:a.A Farewell to Arms (1929)b.Three Lives (1909)c.This Side of Paradise (1920)d.his first novele.The Waste Land (1922)
Gertrude Stein Who, in 1921, told Hemingway that he and his friends who had served in the war “are a lost generation?”a.Gertrude Steinb.Franz Boasc.Ezra Poundd.Ernest Hemingwaye.T. S. Eliot
Margaret Sanger Who was the New York nurse and midwife in the working-class tenements of Manhattan who observed many young mothers struggling to provide for their growing families?a.Gertrude Steinb.Amelia Earhartc.T. S. Eliotd.Ernest Hemingwaye.Margaret Sanger
Guinn v. United States(1915) Which court case or legal action brought the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments back to life?a.Abrams v. United States (1918)b.Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)c.Schenck v. United States (1917)d.Guinn v. United States (1915)e.Buchanan v. Worley (1917)

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