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Art History – Chapter 24

Throughout history, artists have regularly served political ends by using their art to make visual statements. Which of the following artists has created an overtly political statement with his/her work? Dorothea Lange
Which of the following artists created large-scale, kinetic sculptures? Alexander Calder
What message did Vera Mukhina convey in her work entitled The Worker and the Collective Farm Worker? She glorified the communal labor of the Soviet people
Which of the following artists developed the theory of neoplasticism or the new pure plastic art? Mondrian
Which of the following artists created a modern American art style combining Synthetic Cubism with jazz tempos and his perception of the fast-paced American culture? Stuart Davis
What style is described as compositions of shapes and forms abstracted from the conventionally conceived world Cubism
The Champs de Mars or The Red Tower by Robert Delaunay depicts which of the following structures? Eiffel Tower
Which of the following is executed in the Synthetic Cubist style? Still-Life with Chair-Caning
What message is portrayed in Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks? the pervasive loneliness of modern humans
Thomas Hart Benton, a Regionalist artist, focused his attention on which of the following subjects? the social history of Missouri
Which of the following artists did not depict themes of war? Matisse
In the artist’s eyes, the Fate of the Animals was almost a premonition of which historical event? World War I
Which of the following works demonstrates the Futurists’ interest in motion? Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash
Which of the following artists was a Berlin Dadaist? Hannah Höch
Which of the following artists shared Stieglitz’s concern to position photography as an art form with the same fine-art status as painting and sculpture? Edward Weston
Who is the artist who created a work of art that can be described as “a wickedly funny gift”? Man Ray
Her work is often described as autobiographical because of her unflinching self-portrait portrayals. She gives the viewer a personal glimpse into herself and suffering. Which of the following artists does this describe? Frida Kahlo
Who is the artist who created a scathing visual commentary on the military with his Fit for Active Service? Grosz
Which of the Blaue Reiter artists found animals superior in beauty, strength, innocence, and naturalness? Franz Marc
Henry Moore’s great series of reclining nudes is said to have been inspired by __________. a pre-Columbian figure, the Chacmool
A nonobjective work refers to work that __________. has no reference to the external appearance of the physical world
Of the following, who is the best example of a twentieth-century artist who believed that art should delight, inspire, and enhance our lives as human beings? Matisse
The Chrysler Building by William van Alen has elements from which of the following styles? Art Deco
Which phrase best expresses the sculptural style of Boccioni? dynamic movement
The work of Ernst Kirchner shows __________. subjects drawn from the industrialized urban bourgeoisie
Who is the Surrealist? Salvador Dalí
The hovering figure that served as a memorial to those who died in World War I was created by __________. Ernst Barlach
A painting that was done in reaction to World War I was __________. Max Beckmann’s Night
Which of the following statements about Dada is true? Dada had no fixed ideas
Who photographed the rural poor displaced by the Great Depression in the 1930s? Dorothea Lange
Which one of the following statements is not true? Surrealism ignored the ideas of psychoanalysis put forth by Jung and Freud.
The goal of Dalí’s “paranoiac-critical” method was to __________. create images of inner reality and irrationality as concrete as the world of physical reality

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