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21 Art History: African Art

What does the other world spouse represent? d. all of the above(the highest marks of beauty, having children, being married)
What do initiation rituals represent in the bwami system of the Lega people? c. moving up in status or levels
What does the mask above symbolize? a. the connection between the ancestors in the living and dead community
What is biiga doll used for? b. a fertility figure
What is depicted above? d. blolo bla
What is the name of the figure above? b. nlo byeri
What is nkanda? c. initiation rights
What does the middle figure in the image above represent? a. a European colonial administrator
What major change took place with the arrival of contemporary African art? c. adoption of modern materials
Inspiration sources, such as a surface design system called ______, are still rooted in tradition. b. uli
What is a kikaku? b. a three-sided roofed enclosure
What are ancestors regarded as? b. guardians for those left on earth
What do the exaggerated features of a biiga doll represent? c. fertility and health
Who is the artist of the painting above? b. Julie Mehretu
What type of mask is shown above? d. bwami

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