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1.07 US History

Which government intervention would most likely cause problems for inhabitants of the region marked Indian territory A. Homestead act
Considering the map above what conclusions can be drawn about The native Americans journey to the reservation C. Some Native Americans traveled by boat at least part of the way
Which battle represents the Native Americans final attempt to resist the Armed Forces C. Battle of the wounded knee
Which One of the following would be another appropriate name for the Dawes act D. Native American assimilation act
What was the goal of the Dawes act B. Assimilate Native American into the dominant culture
How could the federal government have made the Dawes act more successful B. By making it illegal for Native Americans to sell their land to speculators
What can you predict about settlement patterns in this period of time A. The reservations will move westward
Native Americans were promised New lands in the west where they would be protected from land hungry homesteaders A. Pull factor in migration
What affect did the federal government desire from the implementation of the Dawes act C. Reduce their responsibility toprovide for Native American welfare
The excerpt below is from the Dawes act which was written in 1887 based on the passage in addition to the land what other benefits could Native American receive from the Dawes act A. U.S. Citizenship
Excerpt from the Dawes Act SEC. 10 What conclusion can be drawn from this excerpt? C. The federal government maintained some power over Native American land.

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